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New Year Resolution Tips

5 tips for New Year Resolutions

The new year has just arrived, which means many of us have already started to think about new year resolutions. 2022 can be a fresh start and what better way to start off the year than thinking about changes to help you feel better! There is often pressure associated with the start of a new year and sticking to these resolutions. This article will give you some tips for you to feel your best in the upcoming year if you do decide to set new year goals!

Create a measurable, realistic goal for yourself.

It’s important for goals to be specific so you have a clear target. For example, sometimes we make vague goals that feel overwhelming, such as “I want to read more.” A more helpful goal would be, “I’m going to read 10 minutes a day, three times a week.” This way the goal is tangible and clear.

Come up with a plan to achieve your goal.

Doing this piece of the work will help you visualize how you are going to achieve your goal. It can also help you manage your expectations to reach your goals.

Plan for obstacles.

Creating a plan to achieve your goal is super helpful, but sometimes things will get in the way. These can derail you from achieving your resolution. One way to stay on track is to think about possible obstacles beforehand and how you’d navigate them.

Reward yourself!

Setting small rewards is such an important part of goal setting. This will help you to stay motivated. There will be some days that are easier than others and some days that feel harder. On the hard days, reward yourself with something small to serve as reinforcement for your progress.

Don’t beat yourself up!

It's okay to miss some time working towards your goals. Missing a day or two doesn't negate all the work you’ve put into the other days! Be kind to yourself and keep moving forward with your plan!


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