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Liz Morrison, LCSW in the Media

Liz In The Media

Liz Morrison, LCSW and her associate's are sought after child and family mental health experts.

Check out the featured links below to TV, web, and print.


To schedule an interview, media appearance, or to get Liz or her associate's opinion on a particular child and family topic, please contact Liz Morrison Therapy here.

Scripps News Interviews Liz Morrison, LCSW

Scripps News

Liz Morrison, LCSW,  joins Scripps News to discuss why children may experience sadness at the end of the school year and how parents can help their children through it.

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The Kids in Therapy for Subway Anxiety
Riding solo — a rite of passage — has turned into a terrifying routine for some.

 Liz Morrison, LCSW typically teaches teens to cope using cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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Fox 5 TV News

Liz Morrison, LCSW, child psychotherapist, is interviewed on Fox 5 TV News about your kids and social media.


ABC Nightline

Child psychotherapist Liz Morrison, LCSW, is interviewed as a child therapy expert on ABC Nightline.

New York Post

Being a helicopter parent to my kids was driving me insane — then I discovered ‘sittervising’ on TikTok

In April, mom of two Laynah Rose was so sick that she felt like she was dying.  Manhattan child and family therapist Liz Morrison, LCSW, agrees that sittervising can be beneficial for kids and adults. But she urges sittervisors to be mindful of how they spend their time while the little ones play alone. 


How to Find a Therapist Who's Right For You

Choosing the right therapist to help you with your mental and emotional health can be tough. Liz Morrison, LCSW offers advice in Everday Health on how to find the right therapist.


When To Talk to Your Kids About Frightening News – And What To Say

The ASK AN EXPERT column in Maisonette focuses on guiding your child when they hear about scary news. Liz Morrison, LCSW offers much needed advice.

Shape Magazine article on Havening Therapy

What Is Havening Therapy and Is It Legit?

This article is discussing Havening Therapy which is an alternative type of therapy to the more traditional CBT and/or Psychoanalysis. Liz Morrison, LCSW is a contributor to the article.

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Expertise 2019 NYC Best Life Coaches 

Liz Morrison, LCSW was voted for the 3rd time one of Expertise's Best Life Coaches in New York City.

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9 ways YouTube can affect your children and how to make it safer

“A child has the ability to jump from a harmless video, for example, about birds, to a video with adult content all within a matter of seconds,” says psychotherapist and NYC group practice owner Liz Morrison Therapy

Women's Health.png

Women's Health

These 14 best self-love books, approved by mental-health experts (they know their stuff), will hit every note of the love-thyself spectrum you may be needing. Shop 'em, read 'em, then give yourself that much-needed hug.


20 questions for getting to know your teenager

“Parents who act as good role models for their children are secretly teaching them how to be a good friend,” says New York City-based psychotherapist Liz Morrison, LCSW.


When You Can’t Stop Seeing the Negative in Everything—Even Though You’re Grateful

As psychotherapist Liz Morrison, LCSW, pointed out, “If parents seem to see the glass half empty as opposed to the glass half full, negativity can become a learned behavior for anyone living in the household.”

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14 Best New York City Life Coaches

14 Best New York City Life Coaches and Liz Morrison, LCSW is one of them!!!


Having Too Many Friends Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Liz shares her thoughts on how too many friendships can impact mental health. 


Did Kylie Jenner Just Unintentionally Glamorize Teen Pregnancy?

An interview with Liz on whether or not celebrities contribute to glamorizing teen pregnancy.

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6 Ways to Encourage Healthy Competition in Kids. It's time for high-fives.

Liz provides examples of ways parents can encourage healthy competition in their children.


Wellness Apps to Help You Navigate the New Year

Therapists share their tips with Liz on the best wellness apps for a healthier lifestyle.


Parents: How To Cope With Your Anxiety And Have A Relaxed Home

Advice for parents on strategies to decrease their anxiety and live in a more relaxed environment.


Top Tips for Teaching Self Confidence

Liz identifies ways to help children build up their self-esteem.


Coping with an Angry Child

Liz talks about how anger is a very powerful emotion and how to cope with an angry child.


12 Experts and Parents Offer Tips for Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Liz was included among a group of experts on ways to manage separation anxiety in children.

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7 Positive Ways to Help Kids Manage Disappointment

Liz identifies key strategies to help children manage disappointment.


How to Communicate with Your Teen When Your Connection is Waning

Your teen no longer wants to listen to you or follow your rules. After all, “they believe they know how to live their lives,” and they’re forming their own identities, said Liz Morrison, LCSW, a psychotherapist who specializes in teen counseling.


Therapists Spill: What I Thought Was True About Therapy But Wasn’t

Liz and others share their experiences of what they thought about therapy but did not end up being true.


Are You an Overprotective Parent?

Liz discusses ways in which parents can identify if they are overprotective of their children.


4 Tips for Parenting Teens

Liz comments on how parents can better interact with their teenagers.


5 Tips for Helping Your Troubled Teen

Liz comments on how parents can better interact with their teenagers.


When People Cross Your Boundaries

5 tips to help keep boundaries in check.


When You Can’t Relax: 7 Tips to Try

What to do when you want to relax but can't.


Kids Carrying The Divorce Label

Liz’s observations on how children feel when going through a parental divorce.


Kids and the End of Summer Blues

As part of the Help Yourself to Happy Challenge, Liz offers ways in which kids can enjoy summer and transition into the new school year.


How to Deal with Bullying — 5 Tips for You, 5 Tips for Your Children

Liz addresses bullying in school and how to help your child.


Top Tips for Teaching Self-Confidence

Parenting is not easy. Here are some tips to teach self-confidence in your child.


New School Year, New Challenges!

Liz provides strategies to help children transition back into the new school year.

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25 Life-Changing Self-Help Books

Liz discusses the importance of children’s books about feelings.

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50+ Tips for Self-Care from 35 Mental Health Experts

Liz contributes thoughts on the importance of self-care.

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11 Little Ways You’re Accidentally Ruining Your Relationship With Your Parents

Liz talks about going from "kid" to "adult kid."

Liz in the Media
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