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Online therapy for teens

Online Teen Counseling

As a parent, you know how quickly things can change with your teenager. Their lives are hectic. Their brains, bodies, and personalities are constantly developing.


And teenagers feel a lot of pressure and stress from the world around them.


More than 60% of teens say they feel extreme pressure to do well in school and find a good college. Plus, adolescence is for growing and exploring – but many teens feel anxious about figuring out who they are and what they want. 


Maybe your child…

  • Seems depressed, moody, isolated, disconnected, or stressed

  • Gets in trouble at school

  • Struggles with identity, self-image, or self-esteem

  • Has social or academic challenges

  • Doesn’t tell you anything about their life

  • Seems excessively defiant, rebellious, or out of control

  • Argues constantly with you, a sibling, or other family members

  • Has been recommended for therapy by a pediatrician, teacher, or camp counselor

It can feel confusing and frightening when your teen acts out or seems to be struggling.


Is it a phase or something more serious?


How do you know whether it’s just natural teen behavior or a cry for help?


What if they’re engaging in risky behaviors like alcohol or drug use?


If you’re worried that your teen is struggling in some way – they probably are.


It might feel like your child has a whole life that you’re no longer part of. And the chaos of adolescence might make you feel powerless to help.


Knowing your teen is struggling without knowing how to reach them is heartbreaking. You want what’s best for your child, but nothing you do seems to help. In fact, when you try to support them, it might backfire altogether. Maybe they get angry, lash out, or shut down. 

You just want your teen to feel…

  • Supported through whatever difficulties they’re facing

  • Empowered to make healthy decisions for their future

  • Comfortable dealing with difficult emotions, thoughts, and feelings

  • Prepared to cope with challenges without turning to illicit substances or risky behavior

  • More connected to you and their friends

  • Safe and happy in their relationships

If nothing you do to try to help your teen is working, that’s what we’re here for.

At Liz Morrison Therapy, we provide online teen therapy to help your high schooler navigate the turmoil of their inner world – and the world around them. 


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Online Teen Counseling, New York City

How Therapy for Teens Can Help

Adolescence is hard. Few people would argue with that – and many adults today still cringe when they remember their own struggles as a teenager. It’s a time fraught with rebellion, social concerns, new body developments, worries about identity, and so much more.


But the challenges that teens face today are different than they used to be. There’s more pressure on teens now to achieve perfect grades, get into the perfect school, and succeed in all areas of life.


Plus, the ever-changing technology kids have access to, like social media and cell phones, often make things more confusing for you as a parent to navigate. 


It’s normal for teens to become more distant from you and other family members during their adolescence.


But they still need help, because unresolved issues in adolescence can lead to worse mental health issues along the line.


And having an unbiased, nonjudgmental, caring adult to guide them through their challenges is often exactly what they need. 

We’re here to help your teen:


  • Understand the difficult and varying emotions, thoughts, and feelings they experience 

  • Learn how to navigate complex social interactions in a healthy way

  • Discover tools and strategies to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression

  • Develop skills to improve academic performance

  • Build on their strengths to boost self-esteem

  • Uncover their inner self-worth

  • Cultivate self-awareness and a sense of who they are

  • Grow into an empowered, confident young adult

We work with your teenager to help them feel more resilient in the face of difficulty.


We address the root causes of anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, and other mental health issues. 


They’ll learn skills like communication, boundary setting, empathy, and self-advocacy so they feel more equipped to handle the challenges in their life. 


They’ll feel prepared to navigate complex and delicate social structures.


Together, we’ll come up with tools to improve their time management, organization, and planning. They’ll feel more confident in their academic lives and at home. 


And we do it all in a container where they feel safe, heard, respected, and supported

Teen therapy in New York
Teen Counseling, New York City
Therapy for teens

How to Know if Online Teen Therapy is the Best Option for Your Child

When your child is suffering, family unity suffers as well. Peace within your household might feel like a far-gone concept.


Online teen therapy is powerful in helping your child’s mental health, overall stress levels, and future. 


We’ve seen online teen counseling work for hundreds of our clients. Hectic days and a packed schedule make online teen therapy convenient, easy, and manageable – for you and your child.  It’s all the effectiveness of an in-person appointment without any of the hassle. 


Additionally, all of us at Liz Morrison Therapy are licensed social workers trained in working with younger generations. That means your teen receives the best possible care from experts who know how to help.


What could be better than that?

Let’s make a plan to get your teenager the support and expertise they need to improve their mental health. 

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Online Teen Counseling, NYC
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