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March is Social Work Month!

Updated: May 28, 2021

March 2021 is Social Workers Month

Did you know that all of the staff at Liz Morrison Therapy are Social Workers? We are excited to celebrate Social Work Month by sharing with you the reasons we chose to become Social Workers!

Liz Morrison, LCSW, Social Worker, NYC
Liz Morrison, LCSW

Why Liz Became a Social Worker:

Towards the end of my senior year in college, it was time for me to make one of the biggest decisions I would ever have to make: whether to become a social worker or a psychologist. Having studied psychology for the previous 4 years, it seemed like the most straightforward path. However, after taking some time to explore the world of social work, it became increasingly obvious that it was the right path for me. What I really loved about the field of social work is that it assesses community well-being. I enjoyed being able to think about the case management aspects of social work which include understanding a person’s home environment and lifestyle, gathering a strong picture of what the family dynamic is like, and breaking down the possible root of a diagnosis. As a social worker, I have been given the opportunity to work with a wide range of people including children, adults, the homeless population, those in public and private school settings, parents, families, those who are classified as needing IEP's, and those who are starting the next chapter of their lives, whether it be graduating from college, looking for jobs, or starting a family. Choosing to become a social worker has also allowed me to connect with so many other mental health and various other providers that help support all of the clients I work with. I love what I do, and I am proud to say that I am a social worker.

Ali Hamroff, LMSW, Liz Morrison Therapy
Ali Hamroff, LMSW

Why Ali Became a Social Worker:

When I think back to when I was trying to figure out my career, one thing always comes to mind. I loved helping others. As a child, teen, and then into my college years, I soon realized my true passion was working with kids and connecting with their families. I set my career path so that I could bring this personal passion into my professional life. I knew my strength was in my ability to connect with kids on a more personal, and social-emotional level. While initially, I was unsure where that was going to take me, it didn’t take long for me to figure out what I truly wanted to do. After college graduation, I decided that it would be best to take a year off before attending graduate school to help me narrow down what field I wanted to go into. It was during that year that I worked in a special education school which gave me the opportunity to see the interdisciplinary work of teachers, social workers, school counselors, psychologists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists. It became quite clear to me that the tasks and job of the social worker were exactly what I wanted to do! I remember sitting down with the school’s social worker to better understand her role and how she helped the students. What really spoke to me was her desire to help children and families in a way that embodied warmth, compassion, and understanding. These were all qualities that I felt I possessed and wanted to continue to use in my profession. I feel so fortunate to have found a career path that truly does not feel like a job. I wake up every morning doing what I love most, helping others.

Melissa Horowitz, LCSW, Liz Morrison Therapy
Melissa Horowitz, LCSW

Why Melissa Became a Social Worker:

Throughout high school and college, I thought I wanted to be an elementary school teacher – I earned my Elementary School Teacher Certification and License and taught fourth grade. I found myself feeling like teaching was not my calling – I was struggling with the fact that I wanted to connect with my students and their families on a deeper level outside the confinements of a classroom. I reflected on both my professional and personal experiences while re-evaluating options for my next career path. On a professional level, I had a passion for working collaboratively and supporting others in recognizing their own strengths to achieve their goals. On a personal level, I realized that my identity was heavily influenced and created based on my rewarding experiences in therapy as an adolescent. I also recognized that my identity was heavily shaped by my relationships with friends, family members, and being a child of divorce. After engaging in this self-reflection, I realized I was meant to be a social worker. I value that social workers acknowledge that the environment and our experiences shape who we become, which also informs our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As a social worker, I have the amazing opportunity to empower clients and support them in creating and establishing their own identities. We also work towards building, repairing, and strengthening relationships with others, including friends, family members, and loved ones. Everyone has their own unique story to share, and it is the greatest pleasure and privilege to be able to connect with clients in a way that they feel valued and understood.

To learn more about what a Social Worker’s values are please visit:

Have questions about why we became Social Workers or want to know more about how we can support you? Please feel free to email or call 347-758-2985.


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