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Children's Mental Health Awareness

Today is Children's Mental Health Awareness Day!

In order to maintain your child's mental health, it is vital to help them stay aware of their needs. Being able to practice feelings recognition and learning strategies to decrease stress can be important for a healthy lifestyle. Teaching children to create a healthy balance between normal responsibilities and things they enjoy can positively impact them and raise their self-confidence. In honor of Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, The Association to Benefit Children - an early childhood education program in New York City, has allowed me to share their calendar. This calendar offers ideas and strategies to create a healthy lifestyle.

Today, wear green in honor of Children's Mental Health Awareness Day!

Children's Mental Health Awareness

For parents, the key to successfully handling mental health disorders in children is to recognize that there is a problem. If there is, seeking out the appropriate and necessary treatment can help your children tremendously. In therapy, help and support are aimed at guiding young children in order for them to realize and understand the effects their behavior has on others. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illnesses, one in five children lives with a Mental Health condition and 50% of mental health conditions begin by the age of 14. Even though these statistics can seem daunting, children living with mental health conditions succeed everyday. With the right services and supports, all children can thrive- NAMI.

How can I help? If you believe your child is suffering from a mental health condition, they may benefit from an evaluation from a mental health professional. Please call me at (347) 758-2985 for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss the concerns you have.

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