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Thanks for Sharing

Thanks for Sharing

Sharing is a fundamental social skill that we all learn throughout our childhood. Sharing enables positive friendships, common interests with others, and opening ourselves to try new and exciting things. By being open to the idea of sharing, we allow ourselves to take in new information and pass it along to others. That is why for this week’s Help Yourself to Happy Challenge I will be encouraging the idea of sharing by inviting you to check out some exciting endeavors that people have shared with me!

Bonita Porte’s Energetic Juniors - I had the pleasure of meeting Bonita Porte a few weeks ago at a networking event I attended. When we met, I knew immediately that her program was one that I would be interested in for my clients. Energetic Juniors provides a one-on-one personal fitness experience for children, teens, and adults. They work with you and your family to create a plan that is appropriate for your needs. By encouraging yoga, movement, dance, and strength training, children and adults can build confidence and self-esteem, reduce sensory symptoms related to a sensory integration disorder, improve focus, and work on building connections in a fun and motivational way. For more information about Energetic Juniors, please visit

Abracadabra Tut by Page Mcbrier- Abracadabra Tut is the newest book written by New York Times bestselling author Page McBrier. Written for children ages 10-12, Abracadabra Tut takes its readers on a magical journey to Egypt where the two main characters have mysteriously traveled back in time through a mummy’s coffin. While on their adventure, readers gain an understanding of what life was like in Ancient Egypt, in a fun, exciting way. If your child is looking for an enjoyable book to read during the school year, this is absolutely it! Not only does it provide characters that other children can relate to, but it also provides valuable historical insight that your child may not have known about before. To order Abracadabra Tut please click here. For more information about Page McBrier please visit

#ElulMitzvahChallenge- If you are a member of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you may have started to notice the newest “challenge” trend (hence, the Help Yourself to Happy Challenge). These challenges have been sweeping social media networks to encourage people to get involved, make a lifestyle change, or just be a part of something big. This is why I am very excited to share the newest challenge I have heard about called the Elul Mitzvah Challenge. Created by Rabbi Danny Burkeman from The Community Synagogue in Port Washington, NY, this challenge promotes the idea of performing a good deed, videotaping and posting it to a social media platform, and then challenging three others to participate. This challenge is extremely important as it promotes ways to get involved and make positive changes in the world and provides new and innovative ideas on how to give back. To find out more about the challenge please visit

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