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Text Messages to Send to Support Someone Through the Holidays 

The holiday season is supposed to be a happy time when families get together, but often it can also be very stressful for several reasons. Sometimes there is an unspoken expectation for you to prove how happy or successful you are. Or maybe you’re meeting up with family members who have different viewpoints than yours. Or perhaps it’s a time that makes you feel lonely. Here are several text messages you might send to someone you know who may be struggling through the holiday season.

When someone you know feels stressed, sending a text to them is a nice way to reach out and show your support, which can really help. Stress can be an extremely isolating experience. People often worry that their emotions are a burden to others, so texting to a person like this serves as a reminder that they are loved and supported. It can be a comforting way to connect. And it’s important to choose words that validate their experience and show empathy, rather than minimize their current situation.

An example of a helpful text could be: “What you’re going through is so hard. I’m here for you every step of the way.” This text shows empathy to the individual and indicates your readiness to be there if they want extra support.

Here’s another example: “I’m thinking about you and hope you’re doing well.” This is a good text to send to someone who feels anxious and may be waiting for you to reach out. It shows that you care about them and are available.

If someone has connected with you and shared some of their struggles, an appropriate response could be: “That sounds like a lot. I’m so sorry. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.” Validating someone’s experience is crucial to feeling heard. The second part of this text is important, as not everyone handles stress the same way. Some prefer to spend time together while others prefer to be alone. This text shows that you recognize that they are struggling and want to help in a way that is supportive to them.

If you are at the grocery store, you might text, “Anything I can drop off for you on my way home?” This example offers support without adding to the person’s stress. It’s especially helpful if you know the person is not ready to spend time together yet, as it would be a quick interaction between the two of you.

At holiday time, we’re overwhelmed with images of the holidays pictured as a happy family experience, but that is not the case for everyone. This is a great time to be mindful of others’ experiences and try to support them as best you can this holiday season!

Looking for ways to feel connected with others during holiday time? Please contact us at 347-758-2985 for a free 15-minute consultation to see if therapy can help.


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