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Introducing Rachel Maizel, LMSW. Our newest psychotherapist at Liz Morrison Therapy.

Q&A Session with Rachel

Introducing Rachel Maizel, LMSW

What is one thing you love about being a therapist?

My favorite thing about being a therapist is to get to know my clients on a real level. The therapeutic process allows me to have authentic conversations and understand my client holistically. Being a therapist allows me to walk with my clients in different stages of their lives-- helping clients to ease emotional burdens and conquer personal challenges is empowering.

What is one of your favorite books related to mental health, social work, or therapy?

My favorite book related to mental health is called Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian. Zebian does a beautiful job at illustrating that building one's soul is similar to building a home and decorating rooms. It teaches us how to have forgiveness, self love, and compassion for ourselves. It also talks about the concept of a "Dream Garden" which is how to nurture and grow our goals/dreams.

What is one thing you can help a young adult with the most?

Oftentimes for young adults, there are many transitions, decisions, and questions that arise during or after college. Many young adults often wonder "whats next?" in life. I can help young adults with navigating the difficult decisions that come with choosing a career path, having an identity, and building independence. I can help young adults prepare for the challenges and expectations of adulthood.

What is your favorite activity to work on with kids and why? (for this think middle school or high school)

My favorite activity to work on with kids is helping them discover a learning style that works best for them. Oftentimes, studying and school work can be a difficult and looming task because many kids have not figured out what their learning style is, and how to manage their time. I have expertise in Executive Functioning coaching to help kids understand how to organize, plan, and execute their tasks in a timely and productive manner.

What is something you would want parents to know about you?

I want parents to know that I advocate for their children to improve holistically, not just emotionally. I am a proponent of open communication between not only the parents, but the different service providers/teachers in your child's life to prepare them for success outside of therapy.

What are some of your favorite coping skills when feeling stressed?

My favorite coping skill is exercise. I played Division 1 field hockey in college. Sports and exercise were always huge parts of my life growing up. Every morning I wake up at 6 am and exercise; I find that it is the perfect way to prepare me for the day ahead and to have "me time." In addition to exercise, I am also an avid reader. I love to read books related to therapy and mental health as a way to not only learn but to also gain tools to use in my personal mental health tool-box!

Interested in working with Rachel?

Please call 347-758-2985 or email for more information or to set up an initial appointment.


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