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Tips From a Teen Therapist on How to Help Your Teen Stay Motivated Socially and Remain Active

Updated: Mar 11

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As children begin to get older and their maturity level begins to grow, there are many changes that evolve over the course of their teenage years. Friendships, diets, habits, and relationships are only a few of the things that begin to shift as children move into their teenage years. When hormones are on the rise, motivation can often be on the decline. At Liz Morrison Therapy, we understand that socializing and staying active are important factors of growth and development, but can become challenging during one’s teenage years. Teens may face depression, anxiety, and more when unmotivated.

If you're feeling concerned about your teen's lack of motivation or disinterest in activities they once enjoyed, it might be worth considering therapy for teens. How many times have you heard: “No, I don’t want to do that now. I’ll take care of it later. Or how about, “I know I used to like doing that, but I don’t anymore. I’m fine just hanging in my room.” If you can relate to these statements or have been feeling like your teen has lost their motivation, you are not alone! Here are a few tips from a teen therapist on how to get your teen motivated to work out and be more social.

Tips From a Teen Therapist On Keeping Your Teen Motivated and Be More Social

Make a Plan With Them That They Feel Good About

Whether it be a workout plan, a plan with their friends, or a homework plan, teens can sometimes find it overwhelming to complete tasks because they may have a hard time finding a place to start. Sit down with your teen and help them come up with a plan that they feel motivated about in order to help them get active and involved.

This can be suggesting activities they can do with their friends, talking about places they can work out, or discussing how they can best organize their homework based on priorities and time management.

Help Organize a Group Activity With Their Friends

Teens can often find motivation to do an activity when it is done among a group of friends. Find a workout activity that involves them and their friends, something they can look forward to doing together, on a weekly basis.

This can be a weekly run, yoga class, or even a follow-along video done at home. Making a concrete weekly plan can help teens stay accountable for staying active. And in this case, staying social, too!

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Run Errands Together

Running errands can seem like such a simple task, but it can be helpful in getting your teen up and moving. Whether you are walking from place to place, driving, or taking public transportation, you will have one-on-one time with your teen that you may not have typically had.

You will also succeed in having them leave the house. Yay! In addition, once they’re out of the house, they will find the motivation to make other plans and stay out of the house.

Create Daily Motivational Mantras

Positive mantras can be a small yet mighty motivational factor in helping your teen gain some momentum. Sending a text or even just saying positive mantras such as “You can do it!” or “You’ve worked so hard I know you will do great today!” can help your teen stay positive and motivated. Tip: Come up with a list of positive mantras so you always have some on hand.

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Find Support For Your Teen With Therapy for Teens in New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and anywhere else in the state of New York

Are you concerned about your teen's social engagement and motivation? It's time to take action and support their emotional well-being with therapy for teens. Reach out to a qualified therapist at Liz Morrison Therapy who specializes in adolescent care, and together, let's empower your teen to thrive socially and actively, creating a brighter future filled with confidence and connection. Follow these three simple steps to get started:

1. Contact us to schedule an appointment for Therapy for Teens

2. Begin meeting with a skilled teen therapist

3. See your teen thrive socially and actively!

Other Services Offered at Liz Morrison Therapy

At Liz Morrison Therapy, we offer services for the whole family. So in addition to helping your teen thrive with therapy for teens, our services also include Parenting Support for those looking to create healthy relationships with their children to help them live their best lives, Young Adult Therapy for individuals looking for support, guidance, and real-world strategies to help them deal with their struggles, and Anxiety Therapy for those wanting to cope with their anxiety in healthy ways. For more about us check out our Blogs and FAQs

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