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Kids and the End of Summer Blues

Kids and the End of Summer Blues

During the past few days, I have been hearing the same sentence over and over again, “where did the summer go?” This is usually said in a sad, reflective tone as a parent and their child thinks about the wonderful summer days they have just had. While days may be shorter, and the weather might be getting colder, it does not mean that fun activities, spending time outdoors, and having the occasional lazy day has to end. For this week’s help yourself to happy challenge, I would like to encourage you celebrate the beginning of the upcoming season, and inspire uplifting activities to manage those end of summer blues.

Soak up the Sun

Try to make a plan to enjoy the last few days of the warm summer sunshine before school begins. Spend as much time as you can outdoors enjoying the pool, beach, parks, and other outdoor activities. Maybe plan a spontaneous trip to help celebrate the summer you had. Throw an end of summer party and get your child involved. Allow them to create drawings or make a collage of their pictures to use as decorations. Please click here for a list of free activities that are occurring in and around NYC for Labor Day Weekend.

Embrace Transitions

The transition from summer to school can sometimes be challenging. Start planning now for regularity in meal times, earlier bed times, and preparing for afternoon homework. Have your child help pick out their own school supplies to encourage excitement for the first day of school. Show that you are excited about the new school year. Children are watching and consequently reenacting most things adults do. By showing excitement about the upcoming transition, it will help your child to decrease any anxiety or nervousness they have about the first day.

Plan For Fall

Just like in the summer, there are many fun fall activities for kids and their parents to engage in. Apple and pumpkin picking can be a great family activity as well as finding fall foliage. There are wonderful fall recipes that incorporate colorful foods to help warm you up on a chilly day. Plan activities around holidays. Pintrest has some great ideas to help you think about holiday decor and activities to do with your children around the holidays or just for fall in general. Having your child participate in a hands on activity will encourage motivation leading to less summer ending blues and a positive outlook on the change in season.

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