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Activities for Children with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common diagnoses given to children. Behaviors that are attributed to this diagnoses include but are not limited to, difficulty paying attention, remaining on task, making careless mistakes in work, procrastinating, always being on the go, and talking excessively. When a child presents with these behaviors, parents have asked "what can I do?" Here are some tools that can be used to help:

1. Bubbles- First, ask your child to demonstrate how they would blow out a birthday candle. Once they can show this in a way that is calm and collected, they are then ready to use the bubbles. Once your child gets used to the feeling of blowing bubbles, tell them it is time for the bubble challenge. The challenge consists of blowing 100 bubbles that you will help count out. By doing this, you are engaging in a fun activity that keeps your child focused, on task, and working with you.

2. Yoga- Breathing is a very important aspect of helping a child decrease their hyperactivity and remain focused. This can be reinforced by engaging in children's yoga. In my office, I use Yoga Pretzels) to help guide children in basic yoga techniques. These cards show step-by-step ways to perform the yoga technique. They also teach fun ways of learning to breathe.

3. ABC Game- This is one of my favorite's to teach children and parents how to do because it can be used anywhere. Similar to the game "I Spy", this time you help your child look for objects, letters, games, or subjects in a room that start with each letter of the alphabet. For example, in a child's room they might see- A- Alligator stuffed animal, B- Books, C- Carpet, D- Desk. I have also found this game extremely helpful when it is time to go grocery shopping and your child is bored.

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