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Helping Gifted & Talented Teens

Last month, the staff at Liz Morrison Therapy were given the opportunity to conduct a webinar with Crimson Education ( on the topic of Understanding and Supporting Gifted & Talented Teens.

As a parent of a gifted and talented teenager, you know that supporting them at times can be challenging. They often are balancing an intense academic workload, extracurriculars, preparation for college, and uncertainty during COVID-19. The good news is, these teenagers do not need to face these challenges on their own! During the 1 hour webinar, Crimson Education and Liz Morrison Therapy partnered together to discuss:

  • Identifying & defining gifted & talented

  • Myths around gifted & talented students

  • What parents can do to support their gifted & talented students

  • How these students can get ahead and reach their full potential

  • How families can continue to foster these gifts and support mental health during an unprecedented time in education

  • Opportunities & skills for gifted students to thrive both academically and extracurricularly

Please Click Here to view the webinar. If you have a gifted and talented teenager who needs extra support and would benefit from therapy, please feel free to give us a call at 347-758-2985 or email


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