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Helpful Tips for a Great Halloween

Helpful tips for kids and Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and as it approaches, many of us are looking for ways to ensure that it is a safe, but fun holiday for all. This holiday can be exciting for children for several reasons, such as the opportunity to dress up and act as someone else, showing off different costumes to friends and neighbors, and a chance to get some of their favorite candies!

Halloween has several benefits for parents of children of all ages. It gives children an opportunity to practice social interactions and become more comfortable in their environment. This holiday can also present many challenges such as following directions and dealing with surprises.

Here are some ideas for how to have a fun and safe Halloween for all.

  • Keep the costume simple! Your child’s Halloween costume should be comfortable, yet something they are excited to wear and show to their fellow trick-or-treaters.

  • Create a shared experience with your child. This holiday can be difficult for children, especially those that may feel socially anxious. This is a great time for parents to join in with their child and accompany them as they trick-or-treat to help guide them on social interactions.

  • If you feel comfortable having your child trick-or-treat alone or with friends, help your child set a routine. For example, it’s helpful for children to know what to expect when they arrive at the door. Before the night begins, a parent can help guide their child how to communicate during this interaction.

  • Help your child navigate any fears! Halloween can bring up some fears and phobias, which is completely normal. Kids are still growing and developing, meaning they are still learning how to tell the difference between what is fantasy and real.

  • Know your child’s limits - there is no set age where a child is ready for haunted houses or other Halloween traditions. All kids are different and listen to your children. Pay attention to how your child responds to other things that may be scary before this holiday comes. How they react in those situations is a good indicator of how ready your child will be for scary masks, haunted houses, and other things this holiday.

  • Last but not least, Have fun! Halloween is a chance to use your imagination, spend time with those you love, and get some candy along the way!

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