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Being Your Own Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it may seem like everyone around you is trying to find that special someone to celebrate “the most romantic day of the year” with. After all, it seems like everywhere we turn, we are encouraged and pressured to buy a date, loved one or romantic partner that big heart-shaped box of chocolates and a greeting card that expresses our profound love. When we are not currently involved in a romantic relationship, it is common to feel sad, disappointed and alone. Whether you are single, dating, coupled or married, I encourage you to celebrate the most important relationship on Valentine’s Day: the one you have with yourself!

Instead of thinking about spending Valentine’s Day with someone else, you can be your own valentine and celebrate the love you have for that one special, amazing person – you!

Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate, appreciate and practice loving yourself this Valentine’s Day, or even any day of the year:

Schedule a date with yourself- Take out your calendar and identify a time for you to spend alone – you can focus on yourself and your needs (either on Valentine’s Day or any day of the week). Similarly to how we schedule dates with friends and family, it is important to engage in acts of self-care, and what better time to do this when on a date with yourself?!

Write yourself a love note- Identify attributes you love about yourself and brag about your awesomeness – remind yourself that you are worthy!

Treat yourself to something special- Engage in an act alone that you normally would with a date, friend or partner, or even go that extra mile. Treat yourself to that box of chocolates, a fancier dinner or the new clothes you been eyeing.

Take a break from social media- It is easy to become consumed with scrolling endlessly through pictures of couples on social media. As we do this, we can begin to feel like a failure or an outcast for being single. This Valentine’s Day, “break-up” with social media and enjoy being present in the relationship you have with yourself.

Pamper yourself- Indulge in a spa day, have breakfast in bed, bake your favorite recipe, purchase a beautiful bouquet of flowers, “staycation” at home or book a night at a hotel for relaxation – anything that provides you comfort and joy.

Wishing everyone a Valentine’s Day filled with self-love and happiness!


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