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3 Tips to Start the School Year Right

3 Tips to Start the School Year Right

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of starting a new school year. New school supplies, a new teacher, and new friends – all of these changes can be both scary and exciting. Staying organized and focused on the tasks at hand can be a challenge. Here are three tips to help you start the year off right!

1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead of time is one of the best ways to ensure that upcoming activities or tasks will run smoothly. Though it may feel daunting and overwhelming, this will set you up for success for the next day (or week) by helping you stay organized and on top of what needs to get done. Planning ahead can include anything from picking out your clothes for the next day so you have one less stressor in the morning, to writing out a “to do” list of assignments that need to be accomplished that week. This will help keep you organized, accountable, and successful!

2. Create a Routine

Routines are a great way to maintain structure on those days that feel like there is none. Creating a routine helps to develop healthy habits in your everyday life. They give us a sense of structure, reduce stress by allowing our decision-making to be minimized on a daily basis, and help us develop a healthy lifestyle that can include daily movement or exercise. Routines can also help to make big tasks - like nightly homework, afterschool projects or long-term reports, feel more manageable.

3. Keep It Simple

With all the planning and organizing for a new school year, sometimes we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all. When making your schedule or routine, remember to keep it simple! For example, when shopping for school supplies, color code your classes so that you can associate one color with one class. This is a great way to keep your locker simplified and to help remember what you need to grab quickly!

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