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Online therapy for parents

Parenting Support

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Child is Thinking?

Do you feel disappointed and discouraged when you ask your child how their day was at school and they barely give a response? Do you find yourself wondering if there was something you could do differently to support them with friendships or academics? Or perhaps you are afraid to bring up topics in the fear that your child will pull away from you?

It is not unusual for parents to feel tired, worn out, and looking for appreciation from their children. Unfortunately, there is no handbook with all the answers for raising the perfect child, and that can make a parent feel lost and confused. Whether you are the parent of a toddler or a teen, parenting will most likely be one of the toughest jobs you will ever have.

Online therapy for parenting
Parent support in New York
Therapy for parents, New York City

Parents Experiences Difficult Times With Their Children, So Don’t Give Up!

Having a safe and supportive place where you can receive online therapy for parents is what the group practice of Liz Morrison Therapy can offer. We are child and family experts practicing online from the comfort of your home or any other environment that works for you. We help parents build their confidence to improve the relationship they have with their children and encourage engagement among all members of the family.

Counseling for new parents, NYC

You Are Not Alone.

There are many common parenting topics that we have previously addressed in therapy.

Some of these topics include:

  • Strengthening the parent-child relationship

  • Setting consistent and appropriate limits with children

  • Understanding and using rewards and consequences for children

  • Improving the strength of the parental team

  • Providing resources and skills for school to home learning

  • Increasing communication with your child

  • Offering strategies and support for maturational issues

  • Helping children through separation and divorce


Many people who try to maneuver these situations feel that they are alone. The important thing to remember is that you are not. Parenting is a life-long journey. As your child grows, concerns change, and the way you parent will change as well.

Parent support in New York
Is Therapy Right for Me?

Some people believe that seeking help outside of the family shows signs of failure or weakness. The truth is, parenting a child is not easy and therapy can offer a support system that is different from the one you can receive independently. Working with someone outside of your family and friend circle can help to offer a unique perspective that can lead to an increase in self-esteem and confidence in the decisions you make as a parent.


If you would like to see if online therapy for parents is the right decision for you and your family, please feel free to call us at (347) 758-2985 for a free fifteen-minute phone consultation. During this consultation, we will use the time to listen to your concerns, offer support and suggestions on what to do next, and determine if we are a good fit for each other.

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