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Lauren Shapiro, LMSW in the Media

Lauren In The Media

Lauren Schapiro, LCSW is a contributor to several periodicals in the professional and non-professional world.

Check out some of her featured links below.


To schedule an interview, media appearance, or to get Liz or Lauren's opinion on a particular child and family topic, please contact Liz Morrison Therapy here.

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How to say no to babysitting: Tips from the pros

Therapist Lauren Schapiro, LMSW shares her thoughts on saying no to babysitting and how to set appropriate babysitting boundaries.

How to teach kids to clean up

11 tips for teaching kids to clean their room

First, you have to teach them! Check out these 11 expert tips for getting those messy kids motivated to clean up. This article features therapist Lauren Schapiro, LMSW.


Self-Love Gifts for You for Valentine’s Day That Don't Cost a Thing

Spend time with yourself, talk to yourself kindly, express gratitude, and more ways to help you appreciate yourself this holiday. Lauren Schapiro, LMSW contributes to the article in EVERYDAY HEALTH.


How to Have a Better Relationship With Valentine’s Day

Psychologists say you don’t need to love the holiday of love. But if it brings up discontent, here’s how to flip your inner monologue, set a plan in place, and maybe even embrace the day.

See what Lauren Schapiro, LMSW has to say in EVERYDAY HEALTH.

Teaching kids to be kind

How to teach your kids to be kind: 6 tips for raising good-hearted humans

Teaching kindness to kids isn’t that hard. Here’s how — and why — to do it.

Contributor Lauren Schapiro, LMSW is featured.


7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health With Your Phone, Experts Say

In an Eat This, Not That article, associate therapist Lauren Schapiro, LMSW gives her expert opinion on a way to help improve your mental health with your phone. 

mom and child having a talk

How to talk to kids about sex at every age

In a recent article, Associate therapist, Lauren Schapiro, LMSW shares her expert opinion on how to talk to kids of all ages about sex.

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When should a child stop sleeping with stuffed animals?
It’s a lot later than you think.

Is your child still sleeping with a teddy bear at 16? Experts say not to worry.

Associate Therapist, Lauren Schapiro, LMSW shares her expertise.


Therapists share questions for new clients to ask their therapists

Associate Therapist, Lauren Schapiro, LMSW comments in this article on what questions clients should ask when talking to a therapist.

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